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Originally Posted by val567
Question about speed-loaders for revolvers. Anyone have a solution to this problem?

I have a revolver that has only 5 shots. Yes I plan to practice more, but when someone breaks into my house at 4AM, it is dark, I just woke up, am groggy, scared, shaking, and they are trying to move / dodge, quite frankly I don't trust myself enough that 5 shots will do the trick to make contact.

The argument could be made that if the assaulter is not either 1) on the floor, or 2) running by the end of the 5th shot, they are a fool, but I would really prefer not to rely on that, especially if the scenario involves the assaulter being on drugs downtown or something.

Therefore, I need a way to get more ammo into that arm as fast as possible if I run out. I could have a pocket full of bullets and load them into the revolver 1-2 at a time taking up precious seconds, or use one of those speed loaders.

Here is my problem though: Honestly, those speed loaders for revolvers aren't a really great solution. I mean consider that they are still going to sit, uncomfortably, heavily in your pocket at random angles like some weirdly shaped rock, scraping into your phone or whatever else you have in there, getting lead on stuff, wearing out your pocket faster, and if you need them, you are going to have to dig past everything else first.

If it takes me as long to get to my bullets as it takes me to get to my keys sometimes, I could be dead!

After over 100 years of revolvers, do we REALLY not have a better solution that is good for MAINTAINING CONCEALMENT on a revolver (read as bullets NOT being attached to your belt or clearly visible) while offering a more ideal quick reloading solution than hauling around these uncomforable / hard to reach things in our pockets?
Please, if you know of a better solution, let me know because I need it!

PS. Please don't say, "Buy a semi automatic autoloader, then you can have 15 or so shots." I would really prefer to stay with the revolver if at all possible for a variety of other perfectly legitimate reasons.
In short, no.

Speed strips are more concealable, but take more time to use. You have stumbled onto the primary impetus for the surge in popularity of the semi-automatic. Revolvers are not speed reloading weapons. It's like asking a Schwinn to be a Harley or a hammer to be a screwdriver- that's not how they are made. With practice, you can definitely get significantly faster, but the same can be said for semi-autos.

That said, I love a good revolver, and prefer them (paired with a shotgun) for home defense, which is what the beginning of your post. Personally, my wife keeps a S&W Model 19 at the bedside (opposite the door) so she can fire towards an intruder, then duck behind the bed for cover to reload.

For CC, however, you are at the mercy of your attire. For most, this makes speed strips the item of choice, with some people sneaking in speed loaders in cell phone cases. When I CC'd a revolver, I kept two speed strips in my back pocket.

In short, guns are tools. You have to pick the right tool for your situation, taking into account your needs, skills, and experience.
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