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For one thing as others have stated, speed strips are easy to carry, but not as fast as HKS and other speed loaders. I would HIGHLY recommend the following:

Put a laser grip on your five shooter and train with it on moving targets.
Put some glow in the dark sight paint on the sights (I get mine from glow inc online, orange and green) and train to shoot with front sight press drills.
Carry a backup gun if you need to be comfortable or if at home, have a shotgun or long gun handy.

I personally pocket carry a smith 638 with Lg405 crimson trace laser on it. The sights are painted with day glow green and orange to contrast and I do keep a double speed loader leather pouch on my left hand side. 38+P in one and shot shell in the other. I keep a double pouch setup the same way in the night stand and the car just to be redundant. :-)

Of course most days I leave the yard there is a Glock 26 or SP101 on my hip as well. But that makes me feel comfy. A NY reload is the next fastest thing to just going all out and carrying high cap. In some way a backup gun is better depending on where you keep them and what the positioning of your body is. Like pocket carry and sitting down not working so well.

By the way, tons of practice is always the solution but ammo ain't cheap, we get it. ;-)
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