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Sgt Lumpy, you might not have MET the lesser police officers out there, but I have even met some that didn't think they could even shoot someone in self defense. They were out there, carrying a gun, getting a paycheck, and had developed a mental state that precluded a most serious part of the job. They realized that they might DIE if they didn't shoot in a serious situation, but they seemed to have lost sight of the fact that OTHER people's lives depended on them, and that it was a part of the JOB to be prepared to use the gun if necessary. Some other officers on the job simply HATE guns; those "gun hating cops" comprised SOME of the officers that stated they might not use their guns, but not all of them. The "gun haters" were also some of the worst shots on their departments (so much for protecting the innocent). This stuff is so sad and off the wall, but it is real. I do not make this stuff up.
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