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Honestly, a higher capacity firearm would be the best choice. For fumbling around your house at 0300, IMHO, you would be better served by an inexpensive pump shotgun.
I've been known to keep more than one firearm handy at times in the bedroom. A carbine, a handgun or two and a shotgun. If you're dead set on a revolver, find an 8 shot S&W. Of course moon clips pose similar challenges to speedloaders. In fact they are more susceptible to damage from rough handling.
If you can't or won't upgrade to higher capacity, practice reloading with those speedloaders until you can do it without thinking about it.
Make sure the ammo you choose isn't going to complicate matters. Ammo with a rounded profile will feed more smoothly than my SWC reloads. Most SD ammo these days should be ok, but some may work better than others in your gun.
Also, when I carry my 5 shot snubbie, the speedloader(s) reside(s) by itself (themselves) in a de-linted pocket.
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