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A friend of mine has the 45. We have put more rounds down that thing then I can count. Never a glitch yet. He did say when it was new it did have a few hickups. Now to the point. The thing is more accurate than i imagined. As one said-the 45--need a big hand for it. I would go with the 9 myself. It's a great conversation piece at the range. People will try jam it ,limp wrist it ect ect,but it goes bang everytime. I will go against all else and say this- After what we have done and put down the barrel- If my life was in question High point would be the choice. Now if i was in a clean enviroment and knew it was never going to get dropped or thrown around or run over or muddy, abused ect, Maybe then I would look at a kimber or something., Ugly yes,heavy yes, can be used as a blunt object yes. Come a life threatning point,Rest assured the the High Point is going to work.
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