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My opinion on quality of stuff to learn how to shoot accurate is to start with the best. The more accurate it is, the faster you'll learn why your shots don't strike where you thought they shood. Bullet holes from accurater ammo shot in accurate rifles best show where the barrel was pointed when the bullet left the barrel.

If you call the shot 1 MOA off dead center out to the right and your bullet strikes dead center, what adjustment do you make on the sights?

With a 2 MOA rifle and ammo, you may not need to make one; that shot may well have been a normal wide one with that ammo from that rifle. You'll need to shoot a few more shots to see where they tend to center at before you can make a good sight corrrection.

With a 1/2 MOA rifle and ammo, you'll know right away the correction is about 3/4 or 1 MOA right. Make it then take another shot.

And what if it was your position or trigger control that put that shot way out there from where it was called? How many shots will it take to figure that out for both accuracy level systems?

If you decide later to sell your shooting stuff and instead take up contract bridge for fun, you can sell good quality, accurate stuff for more than the other stuff and save a greater percentage of your investment.
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