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I know that some experts recommend against it and there is an argument that they can make but I carry my own loads. In my state law abiding citizens who shoot criminals generally are not persecuted so I feel somewhat secure in this decision. If I lived in a blue state unfriendly towards gun owners I would not do this.

My load came from a published manual and is a 125 JHP at a clocked 1250 FPS from a 4" barrel. Makes around 1175 from a 2" gun. Functions well in every gun I've used it in and I feel much more comfortable with this load than I would with the weak and puny mainstream +P which is the same 125 JHP at 925.

The lead 158 SWC HP ("FBI load") is often recommended. I have a box around here but no experience with it. I like a little more velocity than this load delivers.
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