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Guns blow up for a lot of reasons and the low serial number guns have proven to be a myth.

I recently saw a documentation of a RECOVERED DRILL RIFLE that blew up. Many people shoot a rifle that has been WELDED which in turn severely impacts the reviver as it creates hot spot and micro cracks. All of those are at risk as ALL of those are compromised. Its a matter how how soon they go.

I shoot a bolt that is not heat treated, I will take a low serial over a rifle that has been welded any day of the week. If I can find the definitive article on this I will post it.

That said original 1903s are hard to come by and are expensive if they are pretty much original or re-arsenal.

Good luck, Gun Brokers is a great place to look as you get good pictures and can ask on details.

Found it, here it is. Make your own informed decision but do not let others opinions decide for you. Most opinions are based on ignorance not actually drilling down and loo at the fact, including the fact that the Marie Corp refused to turn their low serials in and used them through WWI, between eh war and took them into battle in the Pacific campaign until replaced by the M1 (and no one knows how many had barrels changed and how many 10s and possibly hundred of thousand of rounds went through some of those same receivers over the course of their servcie)

I can respect someone who says that there is a controversy and disagreement on low serial receivers and that they would not shoot one, but to make a blanket statement they are dangerous and you are actually mitigating a risk by no using them is not true. My read is you are more likely to have a nut case turn his gun on you at the range accidentally or deliberately and kill or wound you than for that to occur (or get into an accident on the way to the range that injures or kills you for that matter).

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