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Here is the MidwayUSA page for the specific bullet I have on hand:

Magtech Bullets 38 S&W (360 Diameter) 146 Grain Lead Round Nose

I just noticed a recent comment for the bullet at MidwayUSA that supports what folks here seem to be saying:

I loaded these 146 gr.LRN in new Starline brass with 2.0gr of Bullseye with accurate,low recoil results.I didn't resize the brass(because it was new and didn't have primers inserted)there were some "lead rings"-which was okay because I wanted a firm fit for accuracy..cleaned those up...coal was 1.190" Accuracy at 15' was POA..I enjoyed the experience
Someone else there said they were using data from Cartridges of the World. May have to add to my library.
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