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If you can find a Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook #3 Addition. Or a Lyman #45 edition handbook. Both offer 38 S&W New Police cast lead loadings. {of which I hope you have there?} Keep in mind the groove dia. of your bore is .361 and is suggested its bullets be resized and lubed to a .360 cast. Again bullets I've listed are indeed made & came from Lyman molds. (below.)

92 gr. cast -rd Nose
121 gr.Cast.- rd N
133 gr. cast - SWC
141 gr. cast -WC_wad cutter
150 gr. cast - rd N
158 gr. cast.-rd N

So OP if you intend to use the weight of 146 gr. store bought bullet which isn't listed as a bullet to use in both books I have here in front of me. {probably because it doesn't meet the proper groove dia. needed for your revolvers requirement.} I would step up to the next listed bigger loading weight of 150 gr. And use that loading for your 146 gr. non-standard bullet. {Taken as my advice. Just to be on the safe side of things.} I will thread a complete loading here on your thread of available powders used and their charges High /Low if asked too. But only for one of the bullet weights of all those I've listed (above).

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