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Back in the early years of the 7mm RemMag, I'd hear gunstore-commando hunters yap about 600-yard shots across a valley on elk. This was before laser range-finders, and these guys were just slinging lead until they got a hit somewhere on the animal. Several more shots for a finishing.
Yeah, there's a bit of that in any story. I was reading a wolf-protection web site and someone was quoting a rancher somewhere who was "'bragging' that he sometimes just gut-shot wolves so they'd suffer more before they died.'" I was thinking that writer has lost perspective on the human psyche in his righteous indignation: Basically some ranch hand saw a coyote across a field; he whipped out his truck gun and hit it. There was a blood trail and no find. Rather than just admit he made a poor hit, he put a little lipstick on the pig. If he were good enough to pick his shot, he'd probably rather hit it in the head and brag about how good of a shot he is.

I saw a long range hunting show once. 2 questions came to mind:
1. Wouldn't it be more exciting to see if you were a good enough hunter to get closer?
2. If you're 800 yards out across a canyon and have no intention of getting to the zip code of your game, what's with the camo?

Never watched a second one. I will admit that the people on that show are far and away (pun?, yes) better shots than I am or will ever be.
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