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Re: Budget Remington 700 Build

Originally Posted by steveNChunter View Post
Just out of curiosity, why does it matter if its a little farther back if thats where he wants it or where it fits him best? I'm asking this because a couple of my rifles with longer lengths of pull have the scopes mounted about that far back. They are mounted that way because I'm short and it helps me to not have to lean in farther than I want to so that my eye is the correct distance from the scope. Are there negative effects when mounting a scope that way that I dont know about?
If it works for him that's great, I'm just mentioning it because it could be causing to be getting an unnatural cheek weld which will not help his accuracy. If it is a little far back and his head isn't further back to match it, well, we know what happens when the scope meets the skin around the eye... He said that he had not shot the gun with that scope on so I thought I'd say something about it so the OP may double check before he heads out to the range.

I also said something because I have the exact same scope on my Remington 700. They eye relief is very generous, and if I were to mount my scope that far back I would imagine it causing a very uncomfortable head position for any shooter, regardless of size.
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