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In my Cartridges of the World there is a duplicate factory load as follows
.38 S&W 145 gr. Lead Bullet 2.2 gr. Bull eye = 730 MV 173 ME
.38 S&W 148 gr. Lead Bullet 2.5 gr Bullseye = 700 V 161 E

" " 158 gr " " 3.0 Gr Unique 700 172
And 38 S&W are still available today, well as much as anything is available today

As for OAL, set one load without powder and primer with the bullet .015"-.020"
long and try it in your cylinder. Measure how far out of cylinder the rim sets. A long OAL will not usually drop right into the cylinder and close. Then reset your die to a standard.
It is nice to stay .005"-.010" inch shorter than the max length the cylinder will allow IMO
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