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The most common thing I hear from people carrying for the first time is that are very self conscious and think everyone knows they are carrying a gun. Put your gun on every day just as you do your underwear. Get comfortable with it.
I promise you that you will become comfortable very soon. I always recommend that if you are going to carry, carry all the time. Practice, practice, practice...getting your gun out of your holster. Go to the range on a frequent basis. Clean you gun once a week if you don't get to the range. Guns have a funny habit of collecting dirt and they dislike moisture caused by sweat.
Take your gun out of the holster each night and wipe it down. You can even get excessive like I do and give it a very light coat of oil each night in preparation for the next day. My EDC gun is also my nightstand gun and is always at the ready. Gain the confidence that you know you can use your gun, heaven forbid, that you would ever have to. Remember, carrying a gun is as only good as your mindset. Be sure you have what it takes to pull the trigger on someone, multiple times if necessary, if that time every comes. If in your heart of hearts, you cannot, leave your gun at home because it could just get you in trouble. One last piece of advice...your mission when you carry a gun is protect yourself and your loved ones. Don't try to get involved if a convenience store is being robbed. Most bad guys just want the money and goods and they want out. No need to start a gun fight that could get you and perhaps other people killed for what is probably insured anyways. If the BG is threatening to kill someone or, for example, pistol whipping them, let your conscience be your guide but remember once your gun comes out of its holster, your life will be forever changed.
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