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Smoke is mostly from burning lube.
Make sure the bullets are sized properly for your throats and bore.
You can switch to a cool burning single base powder like Universal or SR-7625.
You can lube them with liquid alox.
You can use vegetable fiber wads under the bullet base. (never push a wad down on to the powder, it must be right at the base of the bullet)

My loads have very little smoke, I would say less than the average factory round. I load alox coated swaged bullets and charge with Universal.

IME the swaged bullets are a better choice for .38 spl and light .357 loads. Hornadys are the best IMO. I use them in silhouette competition (IHMSA Field Pistol) out to 100 yards and they are always accurate.
I suspect the soft swage bullets obturate in the bore more rapidly/completely in low pressure rounds and they are more consistent than cast.
Too bad the Hornadys are out of stock everywhere.
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