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Hi Justified. Saw your post about the BP revolvers that are going to be at an estate auction you mentioned. Since you aren't going to go to it, could you tell me what auction it is, where I can contact the auction company/phone number, and when it is? I'd sure appreciate it.

I have two nickel and gold plated Traditions (Pietta) .44 caliber 1860's and I've always wanted the nickel and gold plated 1851 to go with them. You posted a pic of the nickel and gold plated (and engraved) Traditions (Pietta) 1851 .44 caliber that I've been looking for in this picture of yours.....

Yes the steel frames are more preferable and much stronger and allow for heavier loads as you've been told by the fellas here. But I took off my gold cylinders and gold hammers on my nickel and gold 1860's, and replaced the gold cylinders with stainless like, fluted cylinders for shooting so I can save my gold ones for display, and replaced the gold hammers with case hardened ones. Because as you've been told, the thin gold wash plating will blow off the cylinders if you fire them. It happened to one of mine, hence the reason I switched out cylinders. Like that nickel plated brass frame 1851 in your pic, my 1860's are nickel plated brass frames. But I never load my 1860's any heavier than 22 grains max. So no worries about stretching the brass frame as long as I stick to that load. I'd do the same hammer and cylinder swap with that nickel plated brass frame 1851 and load it the same way too.

Sure would appreciate it if you'd steer me to where that 1851 is and what lot number it is so I can bid on it. Do you know if the auction will also be held online as well as on site?

Sent you a P.M. on this too. If you could, please shoot me a P.M. with the estate auction info.

Thanks, Bill.

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