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The small public range at Shelby Farms in Memphis closed over ten years ago, or so.

A friend told me that one stray bullet hit a house on the south side of Humphreys Blvd, roughly a mile away, maybe a bit more.
The range was closed to the public, but is sometimes used for LEO handgun training, in addition to their main LEO range over by the two prisons, in the northwest area.

None of that range business can compare to what happened down in Hernando MS not long ago. Some northern 'city types' moved into the countryside.

A local started shooting at a target nearby. The gunshot sounds frightened the nitwits, who panicked and called 911.
Even a helicopter was dispatched, with the LEOs not realizing that an ignorant northern city type had panicked at something normal.
That's how a friend explained it to me.

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