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I have been to firing ranges with no supervision before and I refuse to again. Even with armored shielding between me and the shooter next door. I stopped going to one local indoor range that has no RSO's because two sessions in a row I had loaded firearms pointed directly at my.

The range I go to now is a bit too gung ho with their safety but I would rather it be that way than the other way. That overbearing RSO system saved someone from serious injury this last weekend, I witnessed a squib one lane over, I think the shooter was newer, using reloads in a 1911 and was trying to get another round to chamber so he could fire after the squib. The watchful RSO saves his butt.

Most outdoor ranges in this area will not let you shoot without an RSO, many trying to avoid this type of situation only let you load 1-5 rounds in a semi automatic rifle at a time.
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