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A press check is moving the slide on a semi-auto to the rear enough to ascertain if there is indeed a round in the chamber.

I've often heard it used as the justifcation for those ding dong front slide serrations (IMHO).

I don't press check, . . . because I know if there is a round in my weapon. Why? Cause if there is, . . . I put it there, . . . and if there ain't, . . . I wanted it that way, . . . and I can remember which is which.

My 1911's don't lock back till the mag is dry, . . . which is my cue to drop and insert, . . .

My personal opinion of a tac or admin reload is it is nothing more than a step that is more designed to sell seats in an expensive classroom than anything else, . . . but then again, . . . that is MY opinion and others may vary.

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