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James K
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I always thought the compulsive need to press check (or flip open the revolver cylinder) was silly. Any gun I was carrying was loaded because I was carrying it; I didn't need to check anything. No checks, double checks, nervous checks, or OCD checks.

And it would work. Any gun that didn't work wasn't going to be carried. It might be a safe queen, or a collector piece, but it was not carried.

Further, I carried one type of gun - in my case, a Model 19 or a Model 36, both S&W DA revolvers. No exotic guns, no autoloaders, no guns with seventeen way safeties. Just point and pull.

Not that I didn't (don't) own some oddball guns. But not to carry. I wasn't about to die trying to operate a safety catch because I forgot I had a Glock.

Jim K
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