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Rob is a good ol' boy but I don't understand his aversion to a press check. It's faster and requires less manipulation than dropping the mag and counting rounds! And if he only does this one reload technique, without modification for every reload, then he ejects a live round every time he tac-loads.

When I load to prepare for a day of carry I insert the mag, rack the slide, immediately press check, top off if I so desire and holster for the day. I do exactly the same thing at each stage in competition. I don't think I could stop myself if I wanted to. It's automatic.

When shooting I either load at slide lock or tac-load as the situation warrants and I don't press check during the action because the next trigger press will immediately tell me if I'm loaded. If no bang then tap-rack.

If the action is done, like at a hot range practice session, I tac-load, press check and holster. I don't see the big deal.

And if you're reading this offense old buddy, this is Mike from Middle Tennessee Shooters Club. We miss you around here. You ought to come shoot with us again.
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