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At the range with the Carcano

Shot my 7.35mm Carcano today over a sandbag with open sights at 100 yards. The first shot was about 5 inches above the bullseye. Of the next 7 shots, 3 hit about 5 inches left of the bullseye while 4 hit about 5 inches high and slightly left. The last 3 also hit high and slightly left. The 7 high and left shots are about a 6" group and the 3 left shots are a 3 inch group. If you count all the shots you have about a 12" group. Alright, you can stop laughing now. I'm certainly no marksman, but I don't think all the blames on me. These are reloads using 6.5 caliber Norma brass necked to 7.35 and 128 grain jacketed soft points that my LGS loaded. The rifle is a lot of fun to shoot and I am going to start reloading for it, but I would like to tighten the groups up. The rear sight is not adjustable, but I can tap the front sight over. Any ideas on tightening the group?
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