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Loading 38 S&W with Bullseye

I had a post I started before, but it really got sidetracked into other problems I had.

When I'm searching for lead info, I'm usually getting into casting, which I'm not doing. Also, have you ever tried to search for "38 S&W"? I'm missing the magic to get anywhere with that. Anyway, I was able to obtain some Magtech Bullets 38 S&W (360 Diameter) 146 Grain Lead Round Nose from MidwayUSA because I wanted to learn how to reload lead.

Since these bullets are already cast, can I load them like I would jacketed bullets? Or do I still need to go through some sort of sizing/lubricating process?

Reading through my "ABC's of Reloading" isn't making it clear to me, as it seems to be coming from a casting perspective. I intend on using an old Harrington and Richards top-break 38 S&W revolver for my loads, if that makes any difference (maybe lower pressures needed?). It looks almost identical to an Iver Johnson.

I've only been able to get Bullseye powder, so that's what I guess I'll start with. I think my Lyman book has 150 gr starting at 2.1 gr. Doesn't seem to be a lot of data any more for 38 S&W, even on the Alliant site.

Any experienced suggestions on start, max, and OAL?

Thanks again--everyone is always very informative and it's appreciated.
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