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.223 load workups - anyone do it this way?

Had all intentions of using the chrony today.

Loaded up 4 test batches of ammo last night :

All had the following specs except for the powder grain:

Bullet: 55gr HP Flat Tail (Generic Brand - Full jacket)
Case trim length - 1.746 (pre-sized)
C.O.A.L. - 2.222
Powder - AR-COMP
Weapon platform: AR-15 - 16" RECCE Barrel - 1:8 Twist - Mid Length Gas System - Suppressed (yes, I'm testing with a suppressor as that is how I shoot)

Batch 1 @ 24.5gr
Batch 2 @ 25gr
Batch 3 @ 25.3gr
Batch 4 @ 25.5

10 rounds per batch

At the 25.5 mark, it was a true compression load and I stopped.

But waking up this morning proved difficult, and it's still pouring the rain down - and I don't feel like toting everything to an indoor range and using the light diffuser on the chrony. So, this test will have to wait.

I'm going to load 4 batches with Hornady V-Max in 50 grains today starting at 22 grains and working up to 24.5...unless anyone has data for AR-COMP that says I'm at the max for those. There is surprisingly little data for AR-COMP yet, even on and even less for the lighter bullets.
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