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If you have never fired on a range that is not closely monitored you would be in for a rude awakening. Some shooters are arrogant to the extreme and refuse to accept advice or criticism of their unsafe actions. i've seen fights over range safety violations.

Nothing here seems fishy to me. Looked at the google earth link: It's a very dangerous range.

The long range berm is not long enough. Lay a straight edge between the right end of the firing line and the trailer. Bullets could hit the trailer in a direct line. This would be especially true if a shooter were engaging a target to the right of his lane. Yep, shooters who are not closely watched sometimes fire at targets outside their lane.

The owners of the range recently stacked piles of tires on the berms.

Military firing ranges always have left and right range limit markers. Good public ranges would have limit markers too.

Some discussion of that range:

Law enforcement officers familiar with the situation testified at the trial:

Stollar said he was called to the Caldwells’ residence in October 2012 in response to the home being accidentally shot.

The investigator said that after retrieving and identifying the bullet, he went to the firing range and talked with a man who had been shooting .308 caliber bullets.

“I took the actual projectile we found and looked at a bullet he took out of his gun, and they appeared to be identical,” Stollar said. “He hand-loads his weapon, and he told me they look like his bullets.”

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