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Well, how about one of the greatest wing shooting experiences? I'm talking about Barn-Pigeon shooting. At first they come out fairly straight and then get smart and start diving down and flying up. They roll and pitch and present a real challenge. Hogs down below like them as well. Fortunately, we only shot the door to the hay loft, once. ....

Yep, as the saying goes, been there done that.
The pigeons did make for good practice but it got harder to find barns with pigeons in them.

As for wing shooting, how about wood bees?
Every spring my barn is invaded by a new group of wood bees.
These bees bore holes in the lumber used to build the barn, the holes are about 7/16th of an inch in diameter and as round as if I had drilled them with a drill bit.

I have an old FI Bronco single shot 22 rifle I keep in the barn, it's loaded with CCI birdshot.
I've dropped many a wood bee, it's pretty good wing shooting practice, however not as much of a challenge as pigeons.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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