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Against my better judgement, I bought a Taurus 945 once. It was a beautiful looking stainless pistol and I had some custom made grips made for it. It would seldom make it through a mag without problems either going in or coming out. I tried all the normal fixes such as other mags etc... Eventually I came to my senses and got rid of the anchor.
I have seen so many problems with Taurus over the years you would think I'd know better. I'm too old to get my foot up enough to kick myself in the rear anymore, but I do think I have enough sense still left to realize I will never buy another Taurus again....
One problem I saw twice should have made an impression with me. A good friend had a gun shop and sold some of the Judges when they first came out. Two of them returned to haunt him with a problem that should never have happened. The extractors were so far off, that you could not load a round of .410 into the cylinder. This means they were never test fired at the factory or they would caught the problem. Taurus fixed them....after an 8 week wait and the loss of two of my friends customers.
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