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hi point pistol, a project in need of advice and resources

as it states i was looking into the hi points, i was either going to go with the c9 or the .45, recommendations or pros and cons vs these two would be nice.

Please, don't just say to get another pistol, or say how bad they are, I don't want to here it, because all I'm interested is in the topic and finding good resources for this next project, thank you.

Please heed this request. JohnKSa

i know a few people make aftermarket grips. i mainly do projects on guns that transform them into something else, improving, customizing, adding on parts. so id like to see what available paths are out there and what way i need to design this project to be suited towards those who have them and make it easy to note how and why i make modifications, so its easy to follow, or so people can ask questions or make recommended improvements.

pistol wise, i own a 1911 match gun, an XD, a ruger revolver, a ruger snub nose, a S&W revolver.

so i now need a side arm i can play with as the others are kept standard. so i settled on the hipoint due to its cheap price.
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