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Originally Posted by Punisher_1
...Why does shooting seem to be a constant battle with one thing or another?
This really isn't about shooting. It's about a basic legal principle of very broad application. It is usually thought to derive from the 1868 ruling by the British House of Lords (which is the British equivalent of our SCOTUS) in the case of Rylands v. Fletcher (BAILII Citation Number: [1868] UKHL 1):
... The same result is arrived at on the principles referred to by Mr. Justice Blackburn in his judgment, in the Court of Exchequer Chamber, where he states the opinion of that Court as to the law in these words: "We think that the true rule of law is, that the person who, for his own purposes, brings on his land and collects and keeps there anything likely to do mischief if it escapes, must keep it in at his peril; and if he does not do so, is primâ facie answerable for all the damage which is the natural consequence of its escape. ..."...
In other words, in general if you engage in potentially dangerous activities on your property which could harm your neighbors, you are responsible if those activities do harm your neighbors.

Originally Posted by deepcreek
....some people in about their house getting shot from "stray bullet" ....

I have never heard of one that turned out to be true, but they keep calling and keep trying to get the range shut down.
Sometimes claims are bogus.

Here there was apparently a trial and the claims were determined to be genuine.
Indeed, well said.

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