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Buying said house... absolutely idiotic.
With this I agree, you really need to do the research when buying a house. Google maps (as you pointed out) is a great tool to see whats going on around a prospective house so long as the trees are not too thick.

I am surprised that the Developer almost didn't put in his own Berm just to have all of his liabilities covered, then again I am not surprised.

The developer don't care , once he sells all those new homes he walks away with his money into the sunset. A developer is all about making the maximum profit.

Again, I live near a small airport and there has been about one plane crash during landing per year, including one that exploded all over a home about a mile away. But I am not going to go and try to get the village to shut it down over that, its part of living near an airport just as part of living in the country is hearing shots.

What ends up happening is enough of the "new" residents go to the town council, kvetch about noise and perceived or real danger and the ranges are zoned or legislated out of existence.
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