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one word... AWESOME !!!

wish I had a place to shoot that far... last year I built ( all but the finishing touches... oh... & some gla$$ ) a custom long range rifle.... mines a 6.5 X 284, built on an old BRNO action, with 20 MOA adjusted mounts, & a full length, full weight stainless barrel

my personal rifle range only goes out to 300 yards, but I've been looking at building a portable stand I could run down my driveway... which could get me out to 600 + yards... would love to have a place I could shoot further...

1200 inches is 100ft if my math is correct... that's a lot of hold over, did your scope ( & what are you using BTW ??? ) have that much adjustment, or do you have ( I'd assume at least 20 ) MOA adjusted bases ???
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