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My point is that I don't criticize others for their choices. If they feel comfortable with a PG, a lazer, a light and a red dot on their plastic stocked shotgun, then I'm happy for them.
I also don't get the supposed moral or taste superiority of wood stocks.
I can be be as old school as they come...I kept a 1920's Remington Model 11 as my shotgun for decades. And, when I got a Mossberg 500, it was a used, beat up ex security riot gun with wood...scratched, scarred wood.
With the Mossberg, I eventually saw the superiority of the Hogue over molded stock (for ME). Particularly the great grip and feel of the fore grip.
That was a big step, since the stock cost almost as much as I had paid for the whole shotgun, LOL.
The Beretta 1201FP is fine as is...I love it, and it really shoots great. I probably won't do anything to it...though I think it would be good candidate for one of those really small red dot sights. I would have to get a base drilled and tapped on the receiver for that.
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