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Crasyhorse Good thing you did not have a bad experience with a 1500 dollar pistol.

I would look a Taurus over closely just like it was a s&w or any other brand today as they all make some junk firearms. The tcp might be one of the best micro pistol of the group once the gun snobs get over there mental issues. hehehe. The early models did have problems just like ruger , kt and all the others did and some still do. They were one of the last into the micro game too. They are in to a 4 gen now. I own a couple Taurus's. A model 85SS I carried for 20 years. And 2 - 3rd gen tcp's, my youngest girl claimed one , wife claimed the other for CC both shoot any ole brand of ammo reliably. Both have close to 800 trouble free rounds fired so far.

kc8prz Got try out a kahr. If you like the da type trigger pull the tcp has then the kahr line makes for a better match in trigger type. I have a 3 of them. The trigger type makes a good mix with the tcp as there a DA type trigger.
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