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These pictures came from the Springfield Armory Musuem site. I only copied examples from 1928 and up. There those, like HugoEstúpido on the CMP and M14 site, who claim that since the list in Hatcher's Notebook ends in 1927, no single heat treat receivers blew up afterward. It is preposterous to believe that the laws of physics somehow changed in 1927, so to counter the claims of these idiots , I only copied post 1927 single heat treat pictures. Not that it makes any difference to the HugoEstupido’s of the world, they are simply justifying their dangerous behaviors but unfortunately, encouraging others to engage in risky behavior.

However, go to SA, seek and you may find more.

Blown up 1932

Receiver 323816

Receiver 570, 095 Blown up 1932

1931 Receiver 718, 233

Receiver 764, 040 blown 1931

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