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Thought I'd offer an update... I'm hanging my Contender collection on the walls right now... & putting the finishing touches on a wheeled vertical rack for shot guns, long barreled rifles, single shots, & odds & ends... ( once the vertical rack is completed, everything firearms related will be in the walk in gun safe, displayed, rather than locked away in assorted gun safes )

Contender racks are 2" X 8" X 20" Hackberry with planed & radiused front corners, there are 6 of them evenly spaced across the wall above the back work bench, they will use the steel pins with the heat shrink tube over it ( like the pistols do ) with one peg / pin going through the pin hole on the barrel, each board will hold up to 5 scoped Contender barrels

the wheeled vertical rack uses the wheels I removed from 2 Craftsman tool box bases I built into my back work bench, is 24" wide, & 7' long, & has a 2 X 6 base with 3/4" plywood over the top of the 2 X 6's ( this will be covered by vinyl later ) the edges of the 2 X 6's will be covered with stubs of the hackberry paneling & stick up 2" past the plywood, to retain the stocks of the long guns... a pair of 40" 2 X 6 hackberry boards with radiused edges stand up on each short side, mounted to the bottom of the 2 X 6 frame, they stick up like 34" above the plywood on the top, a 7' matching board goes across & attaches to the tops of the 2 X 6's on each end... this board will be notched for barrels to retain the long guns... there is room for 50 cal ammo cans down the middle for ammo storage...

... I've also pulled all the foam board off the ceiling, ( still had water trapped up there from melting frost, from the winter... I'll be applying spray foam directly to the corrugated steel, to eliminate the frost build up during the winter, that happened in the raised portions of the steel, above the foam boards...

my back work bench, uses 2 Craftsman tool box bases, for drawers, & uses 3 layers of 3/4" plywood for the bench top ( should be plenty sturdy ) the bench top will be skinned with stainless sheet, like the front bench, & my Lee turret press will mount back there ( can't wait to get that up & running )... once the last of the long guns get transferred to the new walk in gun safe room, I can sell my old safes at next years local gun show... really looking forward to getting everything displayed, yet fully safe from theft or fire ( never did really trust those smaller fire "resistant / proof" safes, if the house burned...
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