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The used tired Official Police I worked on.

The problem I had with the replacement bolt (used) is that the tail didn't slip back onto the rebound lever shelf and no trigger return. I worked on the bolt tail and then a little on the rebound lever shelf. I also bent the rebound lever to and removed any burrs on its finger. The sides of the hand were polished to remove any burrs. These measures did work and the bolt did reset into the rebound lever shelf.

However, the trigger return was partial and sluggish when the action was released or worked slowly. The spring was bent to provide more tension. The safety was polished as was the cramming surface between the hammer and rebound lever. It turns out that the hammer was hanging up on the safety so part of the safety was filed off. That worked.

However, the timing was off so when I tried stretching the hand (it had been stretched before), it broke. Thus I made a new one and fitted it.
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