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KyJim, I'm aware of the restrictions many courts impose (with very good reason) on the press. What needs to be remembered is that in the last video, the reporter was in the court lobby. Not any particular courtroom. Remember also, they were there to file a petition to view the proceedings, but were not even allowed to file. Charlo was threatened with arrest and kicked out by a bailiff.

Did the reporter make a nuisance of herself by videoing some of the players as they went about their business (in a public space)? I suppose you can say she did. You can also say she was just doing good reporting.

Regardless, I think I know why the prosecution wanted the gag order. They dropped the petition (gag order), so that they can get permission (waivers) to tell their own story... That bothers me (see below).

The step-father, Allen Lardieri, is better known as BlackRifleAR15 on YouTube. Among his other videos are these, talking about his son, Jared:

My 14yr old son arrested over a NRA t shirt UDATE 1 - 2 months ago.
Ginny Simone from the NRA NEWS - 1 month ago.
Jared has been CHARGED with obstructing an officer - 1 week ago.
Our interview with Piers Morgan - a few hours ago.

If Jared is an honor student (as expressed in one of the videos), exactly what story does the authorities want us to hear?
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