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Oh man! Ruger SR9c "Gun of the year", and rightfully so...What has been said about it is all true... You gotta just love that near completion trigger...It is very accurate as the Glock and is just about the same weight... My small hands work much better with the Ruger... The Glocks trigger is not as good as the SR9c but is a good trigger... The Glock is not as well balanced as the Ruger but thats nit picking a bit. All else between the two about the same... Six of one, half dozen of the other somewhat...A big plus for Ruger is that it is made in the good old USA... My common sense and statical/analytical mind says the Ruger wins but my long time love affair with the Glock wants me to favor it.... So I bought them both... In my mind the SR9c and the G19 are probably the best examples of the working mans Compact size pistols... The Millennium G2 is an absolute standout with it's marvelous grips and super low price but otherwise it is just a good solid pistol...
I keep editing this as I think of more. Bigwig for Taurus say things are changing much for the better and there is physical evidence of that fact... I like a lot of you would not have put my hard earned money down on a Taurus years ago. .. But common guys.
.. Ruger was there once and look at them now... I personally think that the Taurus reincarnation is unfolding now...
I am taking a chance with it without hesitation... Maybe you can't give them a break if you have been bitten before but at least give them some room to grow... By rights we could be criticizing Sig with it's deplorable P250 and it's failure to correct the issues as well as some of it's other quality issues starting to become more prevalent, but no we give them lots of room and sweep it under the rug... I really want a good solid Sig P250 if only they would make one... Now just the opposite with Taurus... If there is a hick cup with someones Taurus we'll have a thread a mile long bashing them.

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