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Originally Posted by fast20
So while FOPA covers interstate travel (or passing through), sleeping over in NY, NJ, CT., Ma., could ruine your life.
What you (or the person who offered this advice) are overlooking is that the FOPA requires that your possession of the firearm must be legal in the state where you begin the trip AND in the state where the trip will end. If you don't satisfy both of those, the FOPA does not apply to any part of your trip.

You will not be traveling through New York, you will be traveling TO New York. As has been posted, non-residents simply cannot bring handguns into New York State (except for the narrow exceptions referred to above -- which do NOT include self-defense). Never mind sleeping over in NY -- if you even cross the border into NY state with a handgun, you will be committing a felony.

Leave the gun at home -- or find a way to check it in PA while you're in NY, and pick it up on the way home.
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