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Smith Sights...sells fully adjustable front sights for the Mosin Nagant carbine or rifle. I own three M91-30's...including a 1943 Izzy sniper, but not with the original scope.
The two main danger's with the M91-30 and M-44, is an over-polished trigger group and racking the bolt forward when the live round does not enter the chamber --- but has the front of the round stuck against the top of the magwell. With any forward force of the bolt in this condition...has the possibility of a premature discharge; with the bullet exiting the bottom of the forearm.

I've had a malfunction of this sort in one of my Mosin's but without the premature discharge --- though one of the former RSO's at our range had such a premature discharge with his Mosin --- with the bullet exiting thru his support hand.
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