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I really don't understand why somebody who likes their shotgun in a certain configuration feels the need to criticize somebody else's choice.
I believe much of it has to do with the fact that guys with tacticool shotguns showing up on clay fields tend to pay little attention to rules of safety and etiquette. For example, the guy this last week who pointed his barrel down the line when loading and the idiots that fully load their magazines instead of only inserting a single shell. There is always a few using hunting loads exceeding maximum target range ammo.

I know that there are plenty of responsible shooters with black guns (I have a Remington 870 security model), but stuff like that doesn't endear the tacticool crowd to a lot of folk.

The other part of the story is that many people go on forums like FTF to get advice and many people interested in getting their first shotgun solicit that advice. The fact is that many experienced shooters thing that so-called tactical accessories are a waste of money or worse and so they voice their opinion. That opinion, right or wrong, is often one is better off spending the money they would drop on special sights, bayonets, extended magazines, weapon lights, adjustable stocks, and sidesaddles on range fees, ammunition, and lessons - clays or combat.
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