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.38 snub for carry (with laser grips, possibly get a .357mag snub, but shoot 38's in it, for longetivity)

9mm/.40S&W/.45/.357 for main HD gun (I got a glock 34 9mm which with a polygonal 5.35" barrel shoots as hot as a 3" .357mag) personal philosophy, an HD gun should have a long sight radius.

a .22... cuz

if you could get your carry, HD, and .22 guns to have similar handling/trigger/sights you'll be much more proficient with all of them. Whatever you shoot "a lot" is what you will shoot "well". I've considered getting a .22 slide for my glock for this purpose, but one of the reasons I went with 9mm is so i could cheaply be proficient with the real thing.
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