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Frankly Taurus makes some great revovlers. My model 608 is an absolute gem (I sold a S&W and kept the 608).

The model 94 is a fun little .22 revolver, but out of the box it definitely needs trigger work.

My father got a model 94 for my somewhat frail grandmother to keep for protection. But after range testing it, he handed it over to me for trigger work first.

I stripped it of oil, packed it with a fine polishing compound, filled the cylinders with empty .22's and dry fired it a few hundred times. Took a dremmel tip to a few of the more obvious bearing surfaces too. Cleaned it out, re-oiled it... It was a a smoother pull, but it still had very stiff spring tension.

So I detail stripped it again, and forced some of the pressure out of both the hammer spring and the trigger return spring. Most of the stiff pull was due to the hammer spring which was way too strong, but the trigger return spring is a bit overzealous too. I clipped some of the hammer spring out until I was happy with the tension in it. I made the trigger return spring a bit gentler too. Bear in mind though that a .22 from any maker will tend to work best with a slightly stronger hammer spring than a centerfire would use.

End result was a very pretty polished stainless 3" 9shot .22 with a butter-smooth 10lb trigger (originally I'd guess the trigger was around 15+lbs)

From what I understand, originally the 94's had too soft of a spring set, and then they overcompensated with a 'way too strong' spring set to correct the defect. They have yet to find the Goldielocks zone for their model 94 springs. But at least with too-strong springs, it's not hard to fix (with a bit of care).
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