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38 spl defense loads

For a ".38 Special night stand gun", I do emply I.Q. Metals 158-grain standard load standard-no-hollowpoint semiwadcutters, or 148-grain Georgia Arms wadcutters, in a nice Centennial-inspired snubnose.

I don't feel the need to part with the money necessary to buy a-dollar-or-more-a-nuclear-tipped-warp-engined-bullet, that's only gonna need to reach thirty five feet, maximum. I know that wadcutters penetrate. I know that semi-wadcutters penetrate. I can afford more of them on a 'fixed income'. I've been down to the Club Fed in the region, on a clerical job, a few years back, and witnessed the Refrigerator Perry-ites pumping iron. I know I have the right combination.
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