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I got a Win 94 45 Colt new for $200 10 years ago at Big5.
I have some Uberti Cattleman revolvers in 45 Colt that I got old and used.

I have been shooting the same 22 kpsi load in both:
250 gr XTP JHP 24 gr H110 roll crimp into the canalure at 1.6" OAL.

Both kick like a mule.
I put a scope and a large grind to fit Limbsaver on the rifle. That works.
I get 1536 fps from the 16.25" rifle barrel, and 1.5" groups at 50y.
I get 1220 fps from the 4.25" revolver barrel.

I have been doing this for 10 years, but I think that I should be loading the rifle for more power and the revolver for less, because of the recoil.
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