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Lots of different types of "target shooting" out there.

Main two are High Power and "3" Gun.

As mentioned the AR would be perfect (or best) for those. All one has to do is see what's being shot at those matches.

If there is a chance you will shoot both, go for the High Power style. 20in Barrel with iron sights.

Any major manufacture make quality guns, but by going to a "major" manufacture, if you get a dud, they'll make it right.

I own a Colt & White Oak, but if you're concerned with "quality" and customer service look at Smith & Wesson, best warrantee out there.

I had a revolver I screwed up, I sent it to S&W, telling them I SCREWED IT UP, and I was willing to pay to fix it. They couldn't fix it and even though it was my fault, they replaced it. My fault, their fault, no body's fault, S&W don't care, they fix or replace it.
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