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thanks George Young was dismissed on a 12b6 by having his prayer for relief ignored. Not in my life. Its the first case to ask the hard questions such as is a rifle shotgun and knife protected by the second amendment. I took a another crack at tasers as well. Everyone has their priority and both due to 6 years in Marine Tanks and a extensive martial arts background my number priority is to expand the number of protected classes of arms. Baker should get us batons also. I'd like to go after dirks and daggers when once of the two is remanded.
Moreover if I win as I should by arguing a complete ban a type of class of arm inside the home requires strict scrutiny and a rifle and shotgun are protected that sets things up real well for when the Hawaii legislature passes the assault rifle ban. I also argued assault pistols, short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns but it is not 100% those arguments will be heard. The answering brief was so bad that it literally looks like they gave up. My Dad thought I had lost it when I said I was the first person to argue a knife. rifle and shotgun are protected.

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