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No Mykeal, I am not assuming the front charge is immobile.

What I am saying is that the front charge goes off first. It's gas tries to expand in all directions 360 degrees and since its ball is movable it drives that ball forward into the barrel. But that superheated pressurized expanding gas is trying to expand in all directions but is trapped in its sides by the barrel and can only go forward or rearward. As it goes rearward and squeezes past the rearward ball and felt wad it sets that rearward charge off a nanosecond later from the front charge going off.

But the front charge went off first a nanosecond earlier, so its ball is already MOVING down the barrel as the rear charge is being set off. (So as you can see, I wasn't assuming the front charge was immobile). Then like I said, just a nanosecond later the front charge improperly sets off the rear charge. But in that nanosecond of a headstart that the front ball has moving forward over the rearward ball, there is now a gap between the two different projectiles that are both still in the barrel.

Remember that the front charge expanding gas is trying to expand in all directions. That means as it pushes its front ball forward, hot gas pressure is pushing rearward towards the rear ball and rear powder charge (Newton's law) (which is what sets off the rear charge). Once the hot expanding gas of the front charge sets off the rear charge and the rear ball starts going forward, that rear ball is having to push forwardly against the rearwardly expanding gases of the front charge which is trying to push that rear ball back.

So the pressure of the expanding gas of the front charge is pushing back against the rear ball which is trying to go forward since the rear charge was set off. And there is a gap between the two balls because they went off a nanosecond apart. So within that gap of space between the two balls, because the front charge gas pressure is expanding rearward as well as forward, that front charge gas pressure is pushing back against the rear ball as the rear charge expanding gas is trying to move forward and move its ball forward.

Actually that could create a dangerous overpressure of hot gas not only in that gap between the two MOVING balls, but create a dangerous overpressure BEHIND the rearmost ball. Two separate overpressure areas in the barrel.

Because the front charge expanding in all directions gas pressure is not only creating an overpressure in the gap between the two balls, but since the front charge pressure is trying to push the rearmost ball to the rear and impeding its going forward gas pressure behind that rearmost ball, that slowing down of the rear ball would create an overpressure behind the rear ball as well. Both areas of overpressure which could blow up the cylinder or the barrel. Understand what I mean now Mykeal?

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