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Re: Reccomendations on a target and home defense rifle.

Originally Posted by g.willikers View Post
Your stated use suggests something like what the 3 gun folks use.
Check that out at places like and the multi gun section of for ideas.
It looks like suitable versions of the AR are priced in the $1200 to $1500 range.
I would not recommend much at all from my 3 gun rifle for the OP's given purpose...

The 18" barrel is longer than I would recommend, the OP should go with a 16". That also means that he should get a mid-length gas system instead of a rifle length like my competition rifle. Instead of a light 3 lb trigger, a 5+ lb trigger is my recommendation. And instead of a compensator that will make the muzzle blast even worse, a good flash hider is a decent choice. I would also recommend an Aimpoint red dot sight instead of a 1-4x optic for a defensive rifle, but the 1-4x can be used at 1 power almost as well.
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