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Need input on .45 Colt load

I am loading a 357 grain cast lead bullet from Hunter's Supply with 19.5 grains of H110, a Winchester large pistol primer in Starline brass. The bullets have 2 crimp grooves and I am using a heavy crimp on the bottom crimp groove. The O.A.L. is 1.71. Hodgdon shows a start load of 18 grains of H110 with a maximum load of 21 grains using a 360 grain cast lead bullet with an O.A.L. of 1.68. The 1.71 cartridges chamber fine in my Ruger Blackhawk and do not extend past the cylinder. I say all this to ask if anyone sees a problem with the longer O.A.L.? I am afraid crimping at the top crimp groove would seat the bullet too deep and cause excessive pressure. What do the experts think?
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